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Querer Interagro/Davi Carrano
Querer Interagro/Davi CarranoQuerer Interagro/Bob Langrish

Querer Interagro


Pai: Yacht (SA)
Mãe: Kidnapped (SA)
Pelagem: Tordilha
Nasc.: 09/dez/1996
REG.: 1476-MN
Sexo: Macho (Garanhão aprovado pelo Stud Book com 73,50 pontos)

An extraordinary stallion of great genetic power, descended from some of the most famous Lusitano ancestors on both, male and female lines. His Pai, Yacht SA, is the most famous and long-lived among the great Andrade stallions sired by Martini SA, son of Príncipe VIII FCN who was the basis of formation of this famous basic lineage of the breed. Yacht SA is the only survivor amongst these notable and historical stallions, as both his other brothers Urco SA and Zamorim SA have already passed away. Yacht’s SA progeny sums more than a hundred individuals born in Brazil and in Portugal, where he served in well-known Coudelarias Veiga and Campilho, besides his birthplace, Coudelaria Andrade. Querer’s dam, Kidnapped SA is an outstanding female who has been producing extraordinary stallions, such as Querer and his brother Olorin Interagro, among others of a lesser age which will surely to be included into the Interagro official stallion group. Kidnapped SA is daughter of Rapinada SA, the latter being the dam of above mentioned Zamorim SA.


22/05/07 – 3o lugar Média I na XXVI Exposição Internacional do Lusitano – CHSA (São Paulo, SP)

22/04/06  – 5º lugar Média I (63,06%) na I Prova Interna de Adestramento Interagro (Fazenda Interagro, Itapira –SP)
05/2006  – 1º lugar Média I no III Festival do Puro Sangue Lusitano (São Paulo, SP) 
07/06/06 – 8º lugar Média I – Campeonato Paulista de Adestramento 2006 (São Paulo, SP)

17 a 22/05/05 –  6º lugar Média II na XXIV Expo Internacional do Puro Sangue Lusitano (CHSA, São Paulo, SP)
3/12/05 – 1º lugar Média I no Ranking de Adestramento Interclubes (SHP, São Paulo, SP)

Filhos vendidos:

Aclamado Interagro (EUA) The 2009 Lusitano Collection
Feliz Interagro (BRA) no XI Leilão de Potros Interagro – 2010
Zeloso Interagro (EUA)


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